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Finally…..Let’s Think Spring!!!!!

March 17, 2015

Maybe the birds aren’t quite singing or the flowers popping up through the ground (snow?) but winter finally seems to be losing its choke hold on New England. The clocks have “sprung” forward. A recent warming trend finally arrived (I was wondering if this year was to be the eternal winter) and the ten foot mounds of snow are slowly losing height. A recent rash of articles in the veterinary journals have surfaced with some unsettling trends that seem to be emerging in parts of the country that enjoyed a milder winter. So let’s turn our attention to the spring... View Article

Winter Tips and Perils (Part II)

February 20, 2015

Two weeks have passed since the last post and not much has changed, weather wise, here in New England. So in the spirit of being the hearty group we are let’s continue to move forward with our lives and pay particular attention to a few additional concerns that always seem to surface at the Brockton Animal Hospital during this trying season. Previously we covered the importance of maintaining the schedule and environment of our dogs and cats. Let’s take a moment to list a few other points we should be aware of in avoiding a more cautionary tale during this... View Article

Winter Slams the Northeast………Be Alert to Pet Dangers (Part I)

February 6, 2015

As we all know, winter has hit the eastern US like a runaway freight train. Nearly two feet of snow within less than a week has forced many of us to focus nearly all of our attention on just getting to and from work. Shoveling, getting fuel, commuting for hours, and having food in our house (especially for the pets) becomes the major goal for each day. With little easing up in the near future we need to take a breath and consider the multitude of potential dangers that exist in the lives of our pets during these times. In... View Article

Happy Holidays with One More Word of Caution

December 23, 2014

This may be a bit redundant after my last post but no holiday would truly be happy if we had to make an unexpected run to the local vet due to a serious illness of one of our pet companions. Since my last post we seen several seriously ill pets, some of which required life saving surgery, as a result of ingestion of spoiled foods, inappropriate foods or dangerous foreign material that was ingested. A 6 month old pup came to us with a life threatening intestinal obstruction as the result of a corn cob that was ingested around Thanksgiving.... View Article

Holidays are Here…….CAREFUL!!!

December 5, 2014

Every year it happens…….The holidays arrive and in spite of all the cautions, warnings, posts and public service announcements our four legged companions get into some kind of trouble. So it is time for the brief reminder. Here are the potential problems we are likely to see during this holiday season: !. Dietary Indiscretion This is the p.c. way of saying we need to keep our pets away from our meals and the remnants. Typical mistakes include the intentional feeding or accidental feeding (trash cans open, leftovers left out on the counter) of such delicacies as turkey carcasses, left over... View Article

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