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Ultrasound……a Diagnostic “Miracle”

April 13, 2017

Ultrasound…..a Diagnostic “Miracle” Although ultrasound has been around the medical profession for many years, it seems as if we often take it for granted. Those of us who were in practice before or during the early days of diagnostic ultrasound are still amazed at all the information it can provide. We are so fortunate to have our own ultrasound unit on premises (updated to a new state of the art unit in mid 2016) and doctors who spend many hours honing their skills in the study of ultrasound. Consider a few of the diagnostic benefits: Abdominal Ultrasound Ultrasound of a... View Article

Laser Therapy………..My How Things Have Changed!!

January 16, 2017

For those who visit this site with regularity, I am certain you notice my passion for treating many medical conditions with laser therapy. For those of you who are clients of the Brockton Animal Hospital, I am equally certain that at times, you receive “TMI” (too much information) about the field of medical laser with even the simplest and most innocent of questions. And to all of you who fall under BOTH categories, I offer my sincerest apology as you surely get the worst of both worlds. The next time you sense I am beginning to teach a short course... View Article

If Your Pet Can Find it………..Your Pet Can Eat It

November 18, 2016

Sweat bands, toddler toys, undergarments, strings, shoe laces, sweatshirt cords, ribbons, balls, a teaspoon, hair elastics, children’s toys, sewing needles, towels, cleaning cloths, carpets, socks, acorns, corn cobs, chicken bones…………..this list goes on and on. The above describes only some of the assortment of items we have removed from our patients over the past few years. Recently, for reasons unknown, we have seen a significant increase in the number of dogs and cats that have consumed what we refer to as foreign bodies. Though linear ones are the worst (strings, yarns, tights, threads and ribbons) all of the above can... View Article

My Pet Tested Positive for Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, or Bartonella (Cat Scratch Disease) but Isn’t Sick! Now What?

October 13, 2016

This is a question that comes up nearly daily in our veterinary practice. If a pet tests positive for Lyme Disease or Cat Scratch Disease but seems healthy, does that mean he/she isn’t really sick? The answer to this question is…..”Yes…..and…..maybe No” It can be as confusing for veterinarians as for pet owners. So what do we do? Many tests we perform daily are extremely sensitive. The purpose of this testing is often to “screen” to see if there has been an exposure to a specific disease. For example, if you have found ticks on your dog recently, you may... View Article

Light (Laser) Therapy Treatment of Dogs and Cats with Kidney Disease Impresses at International Conference

November 17, 2015

“Laser Florence 2015 The International Year of Light ” was the official name of the conference in Florence, Italy where two of our patients had their cases presented to an audience that included veterinarians, medical doctors and university researchers. Treatment of chronic renal disease using light therapy created a major stir throughout the conference. The responses ranged from surprise that we would think to use a light device for this application, to both amazement and skepticism regarding the benefits we seem to be achieving. It all culminated in a request from a major university human medical school to collaborate with... View Article

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