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Quick Reminder …………Fleas and Ticks

August 3, 2015

Yes it’s true that the cool wet days of spring are a favorite of ticks. Likewise the hot, humid days of summer are vacation like for us as well as the flea population. They LOVE it. As the summer moves on and the weather begins to moderate, flea infestations will become more widespread. Next, ticks will jump on the bandwagon as we get further in to the fall. Now is the time to keep everything under control. If you have become a bit lackadaisical as we all tend to do in the summer, it’s time to get serious. We have... View Article

My Pet Has Cancer…..Now What? (redux)

July 16, 2015

It seems that periodically we endure a particular difficult period at the Brockton Animal Hospital. It may be because of the demise of several older pets that we have cared for many years. Or it can occur upon the passing of a long term client. But the most common cause of “clinic sadness” is when an overwhelming stream of similar difficult diagnoses emerge, such as cancer. With that in mind, and recently witnessing just such a stream in our hospital, I thought it appropriate to repeat a post from two years ago. For those who may be facing some difficult... View Article

Pets, Kids and Responsibilities

June 8, 2015

We have all heard it, maybe even said it. “The kids really want a dog/cat/gerbil/bird.” Whatever it is, it is non human and depends on us to feed, clean and walk. We fight it but our words ring hollow because, as pet lovers ourselves, we are an easy mark. We give in because if truth be known, a new puppy or kitten sounds kind of fun. We add the statement “It will be your pet and will be a good way to teach you the responsibility of caring for a life that depends on you.” Sounds great, right? But is... View Article

Always Lurking but Rarely Diagnosed……….. Leptospirosis is a Real Threat in New England

May 12, 2015

He was supposed to be around for a long time well into their retirement. But when the four year old terrier stopped eating and was listless for several days, the owners knew something was very wrong with Duffy. He was admitted to our hospital for exam, blood work and to treat his dehydration. Within minutes we suspected Leptospirosis, an occasionally seen and always present bacteria that can affect the kidneys and liver in a mortal fashion. In spite of aggressive supportive care, Duffy continued to decline. His kidney levels were extremely high and around the clock fluid therapy failed to... View Article

The Ticks are Coming……The Ticks are Coming………Yikes!!!!

April 16, 2015

Actually…the ticks are here. As soon as the snow melts, the ground softens and the temperature warms up to “cool”, ticks make their appearance. I had been waiting patiently (although not missing them) for the first patient to arrive at our hospital affected with ticks but actually found the first one of the season on Red, my Irish Setter. Always count on him to keep me busy. Over the past week we have fielded more and more calls from cat and dog owners alike inquiring about the best way to remove a tick or how to prevent them. As far... View Article

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