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Musings from the Road Trip of a Veterinarian and his Dog

March 21, 2017

I had threatened before…….leave February in New England behind and set out on the road, just me, my dog and whatever part of the wandering my wife wanted to share. But this year it was no idle threat. The country seemed different; a land divided politically, socially, religiously and so schizophrenic it made me ponder who are we really? So with the very capable Drs. Huffenus and Smolka in charge of the Brockton Animal Hospital, off we went, just Lou (the dog) and myself in a February snowstorm to “look for America” (any of you who recognize that line are... View Article

No Act of Kindness is Ever Wasted

December 6, 2016

The thought may not be original but as the year draws to a close and the time for reflection is upon us, I can think of no better philosophy with which to remind ourselves. After an election that appeared to bring out the worst in our society, I realize just how fortunate we in the veterinary field are. Veterinarians, technicians, nurses and veterinary administrators have committed ourselves to a lifetime of kindness and caring for our four legged patients and their two legged friends. Its not always easy, frequently fraught with emotion, with some moments being extraordinarily soaring and others... View Article

Changes in the Wind……An Update at Brockton Animal Hospital

November 3, 2016

As many of you know, our goal is to always keep you informed about your pet’s health, new treatments, emerging diseases and awareness of current happenings within out hospital. In that light let’s take a look at what’s occurring here that affects you and your pet companions. 1. Tick borne diseases, mainly Anaplasmosis and Lyme Disease, are very much on the rise within our patient population. The recent wet weather combined with cooling temperatures brings on the “second” tick season. We have seen a dramatic increase in tick activity in our area over the last few weeks. Be aware of... View Article

Time to Think Fall for Our Pets

September 22, 2016

Even though the temperature feels more like summer, we will soon feel the chill of fall in the air. For our pets it should serve as a reminder to think about the challenges soon to face these companions. Parasites Most pet owners think of fleas and ticks as a spring and summer issue. In reality, the cooler temperatures of autumn coupled with the occasional rain shower (sadly missing in New England this year) provides the optimal environment for ticks. Though this year’s season has been an easy one from the standpoint of fleas due to the dry summer, it takes... View Article

When Animal Diseases Mimic Human and Vice Versa

August 29, 2016

Many conditions that we see in our pets also affect humans. The “One Health Initiative” is a movement which links veterinarians and physicians in the study of the connection between human diseases, animal diseases and the environment. It is an extraordinary undertaking to see what we can learn from our pets in understanding the cause of disease, how it manifests itself and how that can bring about change in human medicine. Consider the following. Some of you may remember the posts regarding the pilot study that we undertook in attempting to treat chronic and debilitating kidney disease with light... View Article

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