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We have all heard it, maybe even said it. “The kids really want a dog/cat/gerbil/bird.” Whatever it is, it is non human and depends on us to feed, clean and walk. We fight it but our words ring hollow because, as pet lovers ourselves, we are an easy mark. We give in because if truth… Continue reading

I know it often seems like the posts on our page are always warning of dire circumstance. When we have so many diseases, pests and traumatic events that can befall our four legged friends it is sometimes hard to find something fun. So thank you to one of our clients for this link. As many… Continue reading

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Kibbie, a one year (almost) old female Irish Setter, took honors as best puppy in show at a major event in Georgia last week. Kibbie and her owner of Beaubriar Irish Setters in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, came home with the number one prize in the puppy class. Brockton Animal Hospital is proud to boast of… Continue reading

Many of you who have been clients over the last ten years have pets that received the benefit of low level laser therapy (LLLT) for arthritis and injury. When we partnered with a company from the United Kingdom (Thor Photomedicine) in 2005 to work on creating protocols to treat various conditions, primarily of a muscular… Continue reading

As is often the case, the beginning of every New Year is full of anticipation, promises, changes and resolutions. Here at the Brockton Animal Hospital it is no different. After twenty four years as our partner at the Easton Vet Clinic, Dr. Mark Goldberg has decided to enter the next phase of his life. He… Continue reading

It has been a while since we last took at look at this topic sidetracked by the World Association of Laser Therapy international conference. As stated in the last post on this topic there are multiple reasons that the cost of treating pet illness has increased so dramatically. Perhaps the single most compelling reason lies… Continue reading

Over the last few years a trend in veterinary medicine has taken place which is troubling for both the practitioner as well as the pet owner.   The cost of veterinary care has increased dramatically rendering care nearly unaffordable in many situations. Though pet health insurance as well as “easy” payment plans have become more prevalent… Continue reading

Rene, thanks so much for your very kind comments about Dr. Huffenus and the Brockton Animal Hospital.  There are three things that make the extreme efforts of the entire staff at the Brockton Animal Hospital worthwhile.  The first is the  returned wellness of your companion whose health you have entrusted to us.  The second is… Continue reading

Usually when we receive notes from our clients it is usually to thank us for the care over the years and to acknowledge our staff for their empathy when it is time for their pet to move on to the next place.  Always we, as pet owners, find it difficult to say good bye to a friend… Continue reading

Thanks to Jake’s owner, Fairy Dog Parents and a little help from Jake’s friends here at the Brockton Animal Hospital, this very cute pup is much happier now that the urinary tract stones in his bladder have been removed. Luckily for Jake his family contacted Fairy Dog Parents when they found out that Jake had… Continue reading