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Cat Scratch Disease, Cat Scratch Fever, Bartonellosis Call it Whatever, but You Need to be Informed

June 29, 2015

For those who have brought a family feline into the Brockton Animal Hospital at any time in recent years I am sure you remember the blood sample that was taken during the first or second visit. There were two tests performed on this sample, one for Feline Leukemia and Feline “AIDS” Virus, the other for Cat Scratch Disease, also remembered by many as Cat Scratch Fever (yes a song title from a while back). Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency is a concern for cats only. But Cat Scratch Disease (Bartonella Henselae), while being of mild concern for the feline carrier,... View Article

Pets, Kids and Responsibilities

June 8, 2015

We have all heard it, maybe even said it. “The kids really want a dog/cat/gerbil/bird.” Whatever it is, it is non human and depends on us to feed, clean and walk. We fight it but our words ring hollow because, as pet lovers ourselves, we are an easy mark. We give in because if truth be known, a new puppy or kitten sounds kind of fun. We add the statement “It will be your pet and will be a good way to teach you the responsibility of caring for a life that depends on you.” Sounds great, right? But is... View Article

Let’s Lighten Things up a Bit

May 26, 2015

I know it often seems like the posts on our page are always warning of dire circumstance. When we have so many diseases, pests and traumatic events that can befall our four legged friends it is sometimes hard to find something fun. So thank you to one of our clients for this link. As many of you know, Dr. HUffenus and I have struggled to find another veterinarian to join our practice. We demand a lot of ourselves for you, our clients, and are unwilling to compromise our standards when it comes to hiring a new doctor. In time we... View Article

Kudos to our Patient Kibbie ! (and of course her owner who had to drive her there)

April 28, 2015

Kibbie, a one year (almost) old female Irish Setter, took honors as best puppy in show at a major event in Georgia last week. Kibbie and her owner of Beaubriar Irish Setters in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, came home with the number one prize in the puppy class. Brockton Animal Hospital is proud to boast of Kibbie’s accomplishment especially since she survived a very uncommon and serious disease when only a few weeks old. Kibbie and her owners fought very hard for her merely to survive let alone to ever consider showing her. But their determination and dedication and Kibbie’s will... View Article

Laser Therapy for Dogs and Cats Gaining Traction

March 5, 2015

Many of you who have been clients over the last ten years have pets that received the benefit of low level laser therapy (LLLT) for arthritis and injury. When we partnered with a company from the United Kingdom (Thor Photomedicine) in 2005 to work on creating protocols to treat various conditions, primarily of a muscular or skeletal nature, we were the first practice in the area to embrace this technology. Since then the effectiveness of light therapy has exceeded all expectations. We have expanded the use to include everything from osteoarthritis, cruciate ligament injuries and hip and elbow dysplasia to... View Article

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