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Two weeks have passed since the last post and not much has changed, weather wise, here in New England. So in the spirit of being the hearty group we are let’s continue to move forward with our lives and pay particular attention to a few additional concerns that always seem to surface at the Brockton… Continue reading

As we all know, winter has hit the eastern US like a runaway freight train. Nearly two feet of snow within less than a week has forced many of us to focus nearly all of our attention on just getting to and from work. Shoveling, getting fuel, commuting for hours, and having food in our… Continue reading

It has been a busy holiday season, to be sure, but now that we are settling into the routine of the winter months I thought I would finally post these pictures on our Facebook page to warm things up a bit. If you haven’t visited click on this link to brighten your day. I always… Continue reading

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As is often the case, the beginning of every New Year is full of anticipation, promises, changes and resolutions. Here at the Brockton Animal Hospital it is no different. After twenty four years as our partner at the Easton Vet Clinic, Dr. Mark Goldberg has decided to enter the next phase of his life. He… Continue reading

This may be a bit redundant after my last post but no holiday would truly be happy if we had to make an unexpected run to the local vet due to a serious illness of one of our pet companions. Since my last post we seen several seriously ill pets, some of which required life… Continue reading

Every year it happens…….The holidays arrive and in spite of all the cautions, warnings, posts and public service announcements our four legged companions get into some kind of trouble. So it is time for the brief reminder. Here are the potential problems we are likely to see during this holiday season: !. Dietary Indiscretion This… Continue reading

Pets from Thailand and Vietnam After being away for two and a half weeks (my longest vacation since being in practice) it was good to get back. While away my wife Sandy and I are, of course, always drawn to the pets that we see in different cultures. The images on our Facebook Page were… Continue reading

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Renal Disease Perhaps the most common latent disease that cats unknowingly suffer from is kidney (Renal) disease. Though most of us think that our feline friends are immune to this condition until middle aged or older, such is not the case. Frequently, in our practice, we diagnose cats as young as three of four with… Continue reading

It has been a while since we last took at look at this topic sidetracked by the World Association of Laser Therapy international conference. As stated in the last post on this topic there are multiple reasons that the cost of treating pet illness has increased so dramatically. Perhaps the single most compelling reason lies… Continue reading

When it comes to the world of laser therapy and pet laser therapy clearly the future has arrived. After attending the WALT conference in Washington DC two weeks ago I can’t believe how much the technology has leaped ahead since the previous conference in 2012 in Australia. We are fortunate to be living in the… Continue reading

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