November 27, 2016

"Always sincere with care. Kept me on track with my cat. 😻"
August 18, 2016

"I've been very impressed with the Brockton Animal Hospital and drove all the way from Boston to bring my dog to see him. I was referred to Dr. Hirschberg because he is one of the few vets in Massachusetts who specializes about laser therapy for dogs suffering from joint disease and hip dysplasia. He was completely up front with me and said, "I think this has a 80% chance of working for your dog and let's try three visits, and if it doesn't we'll move onto other options." I appreciated his honesty and respect for not wasting money. But what even impressed me more was his willingness to listen and look at the big picture of my pet's health history, and really want to explore to see if other factors would be contributing to his problems. I also appreciated his not wanting to immediately say, "Do an expensive surgery on your dog!" Which some vets may push right away. He is open to exploring options and really making sure my dog had the right diagnosis and also is getting the right kind of care. His level of care and compassion is A+."
September 3, 2015

"Phenomenal practice! I am in awe of how much the laser has helped my 15 year old dog's arthritis! I highly recommend"
April 10, 2015

"Really nice fair prices good ppl treat the pets. Really well looks sketchy from the outside but very professional n family friendly within who would of thunk ? Thanks guys Syauri n I are very greatful 5stars"
June 11, 2014

"I had to bring my chocolate lab to the vet because he started crying in pain and limping out of nowhere. I called around to all the vets in the Brockton area. I went as far as calling places in Weymouth and Braintree too.. No one would see him that day except this place. All the other places were telling me to bring my dog to an ER. This place not only found the time to see him the same day I called, but they saved me money too! It would've been over $100 just to walk into an ER! I'll be bringing my lab here regularly now. Dr. Hirschberg was great too!"