• Veterinary Clinic & Urgent Care Hospital in Brockton-Boston - Quality Pet CareCompassionate Care

    At the Brockton Animal Hospital it is our goal to be responsive to our clients’ and patients’ needs, and compassionate in providing quality veterinary care.
  • Veterinary Clinic & Urgent Care Hospital in Brockton-Boston - Lifetime SupportLifetime Support

    Our practice specializes in care for pet companions providing for their needs from birth through the geriatric years.
  • Veterinary Clinic & Urgent Care Hospital in Brockton-Boston - Community DoctorServing Our Community

    Brockton Animal Hospital, a member of the community for over 50 years, operates independently of large corporate ownership. We provide care in a personal and professional setting.
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Veterinary Clinic & Urgent Care Hospital in Brockton-Boston, MA

Welcome to The Brockton Animal Hospital! Brockton Animal Hospital has been a privately owned business since its founding in 1957. As an established veterinary practice in operation for more than 60 years, Brockton Animal Hospital is not content to rest on our reputation. Instead, we choose to constantly reinvent ourselves, by innovating and providing our clients with the most advanced veterinary care available. We enjoy a clientele of long-standing friends and patients, and welcome new clients and patients every day.

Along with dogs and cats, Brockton Animal Hospital cares for all species of pets and companion animals. The best way to keep your pet happy and healthy is to receive regular and attentive veterinary care. Our highly-trained staff is always ready to assist. We encourage and welcome any questions you may have.

Our extensive services include dental care and cleaning, surgical procedures, ultrasound imaging, medical imaging and laser therapy.

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