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It has been nine years since we initiated a pilot study integrating Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT, previously known as Low Level Laser Therapy and now commonly known as Red Light Therapy) into a mainstream Chronic Kidney Disease treatment group. The study subjects were canine and feline, all suffering from Late Stage III and Stage IV Chronic… Continue reading

For many of us, this last year and a half has seemed much longer. Our thoughts are with all of you, our friends and clients who have weathered the storm known as Covid. Particularly for those who have lost loved ones or seen their lives and families totally disrupted please accept our sincere condolences. In… Continue reading

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As many of you know a major focus of Dr. Hirschberg’s practice is light therapy or Photobiomodulation. We are excited that he will be the Veterinary Chair at this year’s WALT (World Association of Light Therapy) Conference. WALT is a premier international association for research and implementation of light therapy both in the human… Continue reading

During 2020 the number of new pets in households has increased dramatically. With so many people working at home or on leave from jobs, much greater attention is paid to our four-legged companions.  These factors have resulted in a considerable increase in the demand for veterinary services in the US.  As most practices have gone to curbside… Continue reading

As 2020 draws to a close, the staff here at the Brockton Animal Hospital reflects on what a difficult year it has been for all of us. We sincerely wish the Earth’s entire population an easier 2021. Many of us have lost friends and/or family members to the pandemic. Others have been fortunate to still… Continue reading

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While many of our patients, and clients, are enjoying the benefit of Photobiomodulation (previously Laser Therapy) for conditions such as arthritis, disc or back injuries and anterior cruciate disease, one of the most sought after treatments is for cats and dogs with kidney or renal disease. Although our pilot study included pets with late stage… Continue reading

Finally, the time has come to post something on our page other than updated Covid 19 protocols. Hurray for that!!! I’m certain that many of you are aware that during the last several months families have added pets to their households in record numbers. While this is great news for shelters, rescues and breeders alike,… Continue reading

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What actually is “normal” these days? That is a topic that could take hours to address….probably best over a beer or a glass of wine. Ooops, I forgot…..can’t do that right now either. At least, that is, we can’t do that in public. But a few things we can do at the Brockton Animal Hospital… Continue reading

What more could a new graduate or experienced practitioner ask for? Emphasis on work life balance , thoroughness in patient care, flexible schedule and benefits which include a signing bonus and educational loan repayment assistance.  All in a full service hospital equipped with every “goody imaginable” and a medical staff that loves to share cases… Continue reading

As if the current Corona Virus outbreak in humans is not enough to unsettle life as we know it, the isolated reports regarding the suceptibility of our four legged friends makes things even more complicated. In an effort to clarify the issue, here is what we know at this point. 1. Cats and dogs both… Continue reading