Pet Surgical and Medical Treatment | Brockton Animal Hospital

If you are in Brockton or the Boston area and need medical or surgical care for your dog or cat, please contact us.

Surgical Procedures

At Brockton Animal Hospital we are fortunate to have doctors on site that possess a broad range of surgical interests. Surgery is performed in the following areas:

  • abdominal
  • thoracic
  • orthopedic: including fracture repairs, bone plating, cruciate ligament surgery (ACL or CrCL), and patellar surgery
  • spay and neutering
  • mass removal
  • eye, eyelid and other ophthalmological conditions

Dental Procedures

Rapidly expanding knowledge and significantly improved care in veterinary dentistry affords pets longer and healthier lives. Kidney and heart disease have a direct link to poor dental health. Our state of the art dental suite supports a myriad of services including:

  • wellness oral exams
  • instruction in tooth brushing and at home dental hygiene
  • dental prophylaxis (cleaning and polishing)
  • digital dental radiology
  • root canal therapy
  • extractions
  • oral surgery

Recent research indicates cats’ and dogs’ teeth are highly sensitive and transmit pain more readily than humans’ teeth, emphasizing the need for comprehensive dental care.

Integrative Medical Therapies

Responding to increased demand for less invasive treatment options we expanded our capabilities in integrative medical therapies. Our approach reduces dependence on many traditional medications, eliminating many concerns over side effects. The following treatments are used independently or in conjunction with traditional medicine.

  • dietary therapy for allergies and metabolic disease
  • nutritional supplements for chronic disease conditions
  • physical therapy
  • weight loss programs

Low Level Laser Therapy

Our hospital director, Dr. Hirschberg, is a pioneer in expanding the uses of laser and light therapy in companion animal veterinary medicine. LLLT (also known as Cold Laser Therapy or Photobiomodulation) is effective for:

  • treatment of osteoarthritis, disc disease and pain management
  • reduction of swelling and pain in any condition involving inflammation
  • increased speed of healing for injuries and surgical cases

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Supportive, Palliative and Hospice Care

Whether a pet is suffering from a temporary condition, chronic disease or terminal illness, our doctors and staff support the pet to achieve as active and comfortable life as possible.

  • supportive care utilizes temporary measures such as fluid therapy, physical therapy and diet in enhancing the patient’s natural ability to recover
  • palliative care for chronic conditions combines traditional and alternative medical modalities to minimize symptoms and improve the quality of life.
  • hospice care assures that the end of life is comfortable, and that owners can enjoy the final days and prepare for the imminent passing

Supportive, palliative and hospice care include a broad based effort with both the pets and their families to assure that the maximal comfort and quality of life is achieved.

Health Maintenance

Health maintenance is a major aspect of our practice philosophy. By providing thorough examinations, client education and preventive care we help maximize both the quality and longevity of a pet’s life. These programs include:

  • complete physical exams
  • preventative care including vaccinations and health evaluations
  • laboratory screenings
  • dietary counseling

Anterior or Cranial Cruciate (ACL or CrCL) Ligament Injuries in Dogs and Cats

Cranial or Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries occur commonly in dogs and less frequently in cats. While some injuries are sudden, many are chronic and may or may not require surgery to repair. Chronic CrCL injury typically results in osteoarthritis and this should be addressed in addition to any surgical or non-surgical therapy. The following treatments are considered when evaluating cranial or anterior cruciate ligament injuries:

  • Low Level laser Therapy (Photobiomodulation)
  • Surgical Repair of a torn cruciate (ACL) ligament
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Integrative medical therapy