Support Staff | Brockton Animal Hospital
  • Kelly Fagan, Veterinary Technician

    Kelly Fagan is Brockton Animal Hospital’s head technician. She joined the practice part time as a student, remained after graduation, and now heads the technical team. Kelly oversees in-patient care, coordinates the daily procedures schedule, and supervises surgical setup and supply. Additionally, Kelly provides direct care to the patients, and is responsible for admitting and releasing surgical and medical patients. She has a particularly gentle and compassionate manner with patients under her care. Kelly is a Certified Veterinary Technician, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Geography from Bridgewater State College.

  • Caitlyn Davies, Veterinary Technician

    Caitlyn Davies joined Brockton Animal Hospital after completing her college studies. Caitlyn’s responsibilities include: treating medical and dental patients, providing surgical support, performing laboratory testing, and admitting and releasing hospitalized patients. She enjoys her interaction with the clients and pets and is enthusiastic about all aspects of care. Caitlyn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies with a minor in Biology from the University of Vermont.

  • Nicole Carlozzi, Veterinary Technician

    Nicole Carlozzi came to Brockton Animal Hospital for an internship while she was studying to be a veterinary technician. After completing her degree she joined Brockton Animal Hospital part time, and when a fulltime position became available she stepped in. Nicole’s primary responsibilities include: medical and dental treatments, surgical support, and laboratory testing. Nicole has a calm confident approach in her work that puts both people and their pets at ease. Nicole is a Certified Veterinary Technician and holds an Associate of Arts in Veterinary Technology from Mount Ida College.

  • Meaghan McConnell, Veterinary Technician

    Meaghan began her veterinary career with us at Brockton Animal Hospital, but after 10 years she left to explore other options in the veterinary world including: emergency care, shelter medicine and mobile medicine. Her greatest pleasure in practice is building long term relationships with both our clients and their pets. Meaghan treats both medical and dental patients, provides surgical support, performs laboratory tests, and admits and releases hospitalized patients. As well as all aspects of technical work she enjoys working directly with clients helping them understand and best treat their pets. Meaghan is a Certified Veterinary Technician.

  • Jakãa Campbell-Branch, Front Office Manager

    Jakãa Campbell-Branch started her career at Brockton Animal hospital as a veterinary technician and transitioned to the front office manager. Her medical knowledge allows her to provide insightful information to our clients and her organizational skills helps keep the office running smoothly. Jakãa enjoys working with our clients and their pets, and her greatest strength is that in the midst of whatever urgent cases arrive in hospital, she keeps the front organized and on schedule. Jakãa is a Certified Veterinary Technician and holds a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Veterinary Science from Becker College.

  • Kelsi DeLuca, Client Liaison

    Kelsi joined Brockton Animal Hospital with over 10 years of client relationship and management experience in the veterinary field. Before becoming part of our team, she worked in a wide variety of practices ranging from emergency and specialty hospitals to mobile vets. More than efficiently handling the administrative tasks of checking patients in and out, she assures that every client receives the attention they need to answer any questions and maximize their understanding of their pet’s care. Kelsi enjoys getting to know our community of clients and their pets. Kelsi holds a certification in Veterinary Assistant from Massasoit Community College.

  • Sandy Tanen, Hospital Administrator

    Sandy Tanen is the face you may not commonly see at the hospital. As hospital administrator she manages all non-medical aspects of the hospital including client relations, marketing, finance and personnel management. In a prior life Sandy was a Wall Street investment banker. She finds working at the hospital more rewarding as success is measured by the health of the patients and satisfaction of the clients, rather than strictly financial gain. Sandy holds a J.D. from Boston University School of Law.