A Time for Reflection…..A Time for Hope

As 2020 draws to a close, the staff here at the Brockton Animal Hospital reflects on what a difficult year it has been for all of us. We sincerely wish the Earth’s entire population an easier 2021. Many of us have lost friends and/or family members to the pandemic. Others have been fortunate to still have our friend and family sphere intact but are suffering from the isolation. At the animal hospital we have heard far too many sad stories to contemplate. Our mission remains intact. We have gone to great lengths to have continually operated during this tragedy in spite of the odds.
As has been a longstanding Brockton Animal Hospital tradition, instead of sending holiday cards to our dedicated and compassionate clientele, we wish you Happy Holidays through social media. The money we save (and then some) by not spending on paper cards and postage is donated to a variety of non-profits. These non-profits, we hope, reflect the positive wishes and intentions of our clientele and staff. This year, there have been so many people who have had to live with sacrifice, our contributions have taken a different turn. The following is a list of groups we have donated to on behalf of you, our clients.

Old Colony YMCA (long term contributors)
Boys and Girls Club Metro South (both here and above are Brockton centric)
Greater Boston Food Bank
School on Wheels
Easton Children’s Museum
FUEL (Foundation for Underway Experiential Learning)
Multiple other Organizations that provide food relief throughout 2020)

We sincerely wish all of you the best of everything in 2021. May it find you and all of your family members healthy and happy in knowing it is bound to be easier than 2020. And whatever we can do to keep your animal companions putting smiles on your faces, we will do. Here is to a peaceful and recovering world in the coming year.

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