Brockton Animal Hospital and Laser Therapy on Facebook Live

Recently we were approached by a very popular online community, “I Love My Dog”, and asked if we would consider doing a “Facebook Live” broadcast from the hospital. One of the media people from the ILMD community happens to be a client of the Brockton Animal Hospital. Her active but aging pal has received significant benefit from the work that we do with light (or laser) therapy. As many of you know, Brockton Animal’s Hospital work with Pet Laser Therapy in the Boston area, has received significant attention locally, nationally and internationally. Monday night, with a skeleton crew in attendance (one doctor, one patient, one additional dog for moral support and one media person who acted as writer, interviewer and camera operator) we livestreamed a demonstration of a laser therapy treatment, live interview and interactive questioning to provide as much personalized attention as possible. For those of you interested copy and paste the following onto your browser: and scroll down to the video. We discuss the basic science of laser, diseases that we treat using light and demonstrate the treatment on a patient. If you any questions regarding the use of Laser Therapy for your dog or cat, feel free to contact us.