Brockton Animal Hospital Certified Cat Friendly Practice

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) initiated a program earlier this year to establish unique veterinary hospitals across the US as Cat Friendly.  This program was created in direct response to an in depth national survey which revealed that our feline friends are significantly under served by the veterinary community.  Although cats out number dogs as the most popular pet in the United States they visit the veterinarian far less frequently than their canine counterparts.  On the surface  it sounds like cats require fewer health checks or become ill less than dogs.  The reality is that cats are less demonstrative when they become sick so owners are less likely to note the change in behavior and make a trip to the doctor.  In addition many pet owners become very anxious when contemplating a veterinary visit.  As cats tend to be more home bodies than dogs and are often not as comfortable riding in the car,  a visit to the doctor is a much more stressful experience.  Compound that with a hospital loud with barking dogs or a reception room without secure and private places to rest a pet carrier.  Furthermore if a staff is unfamiliar with the special requirements  needed to promote comfort for feline patients it becomes obvious why cat owners delay or avoid visits to the veterinarian.

With these issues in mind the AAFP initiated the Cat Friendly Veterinary Practice program to improve the overall well being of the growing feline population.  As a cat friendly practice we are committed to learning ways to make visits more pleasant for both the pet and the owner.  Brockton Animal Hospital has fulfilled a stringent set of requirements and is continually searching for ways to better meet the unique needs of cats.  If you would like more information regarding the Cat Friendly Practice Program please feel free to call the hospital to further discuss ways in which we might better accommodate you and that special feline.