Brockton Animal Hospital…..Near Normal…..Finally!!!

For many of us, this last year and a half has seemed much longer. Our thoughts are with all of you, our friends and clients who have weathered the storm known as Covid. Particularly for those who have lost loved ones or seen their lives and families totally disrupted please accept our sincere condolences. In the health care industries it has been a most challenging time keeping our staff and clients safe, our patients cared for and our severely disrupted supply chain moving along. Finally, however, we seemed to have turned a corner. Life is feeling much like previous days at the Brockton Animal Hospital although we have certainly modified things a bit in order to cope. There has been a significant increase in the number of pets across the US, especially first time pet owners. Additionally with more people spending time at home and more closely observing pets, there has been an increase need for urgent care. And yet we have seen more and more practices restricting the number and type of medical visits. At the Brockton Animal Hospital we have had to adjust accordingly but below summarizes where we have arrived at this point.

  1. All staff has been vaccinated, boostered and/or is regularly tested according to their preference.
  2. Masks are required throughout the hospital at all times for staff and clients alike.
  3. Wellness visit notifications and reminders are now sent out well in advance in order to ensure that appointments are available in a timely manner. Once you receive these notices, don’t delay.
  4. We have expanded our “drop off service” for existing clients when appointments are necessary for urgent or time sensitive care.
  5. Procedure appointments such as surgery or other in hospital visits are once again readily available when needed.
  6. Our use of Light or Laser Therapy has been transitioned to a combination of outpatient treatments at the Brockton Animal Hospital with adjunct at home treatments by the pet family now that effective, low cost rental units are available and training is simple. Not only does this make more appointments available to schedule, but it is cost effective for you and beneficial for your furry friend.
  7. Nearly all of our veterinary technicians are now certified which means they are capable to provide direct care to patients with a veterinary consult when needed.

Once again, we want to thank all of your for your patience and flexibility during this extremely difficult period. It is nice to feel we are finally emerging from this very challenging time and getting our lives back to where they used to be. Now if Amazon can just get those holiday gifts to us on time………..

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