Congrats Dr. H!!!

As many of you know a major focus of Dr. Hirschberg’s practice is light therapy or Photobiomodulation. We are excited that he will be the Veterinary Chair at this year’s WALT (World Association of Light Therapy) Conference. WALT is a premier international association for research and implementation of light therapy both in the human and the veterinary realm. In addition to being the veterinary chair he has also been asked to present his own work, Photobiomodulation in the treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease, based on many clinical cases he has managed at the Brockton Animal Hospital.

Dr. Hirschberg and light go back over 15 years when a client introduced him to work he was doing with people. Learning the mechanisms of light on the body Dr. Hirschberg became a pioneer in the use of light on numerous veterinary medical conditions. Many of his clients have seen the exceptional results on a myriad of conditions ranging from wound healing, to corneal ulcers, spinal injuries, and kidney disease.

Dr. Hirschberg is known to travel with a portable unit. On a trip to Thailand, while a guest in a small village, he encountered some situations that would get relief from light therapy, and of course offered to help. Word spread quickly of the effectiveness of the light and there was talk of the man with the “magic box.”

We are fortunate to have Dr. Hirschberg and his never-ending curiosity for better treatment alternatives in helping the patients of our practice. We are proud that he will be representing the veterinary field and the Brockton Animal Hospital at an international event.