Finally……..Spring……….and TICKS!!

Just a quick reminder from us, or shall I say our pets. It looks like winter is finally done (knock on wood) and spring is here, The recent rain, spring thaw and temperatures in the mid 60’s is perfect for all of us to get back into the swing of the outdoors. Exercise, gardening, strolling in the yard or whatever you enjoy doing to cast off the winter blues, the time has come. Unfortunately, all of the above, also means it is time for the annual spring tick explosion. Just in the past few days, areas that have been devoid of these annyoying, disease transmitting creatures, are now teeming with a new population of a variety of tick species. Recent alerts from the U.S.Center for Disease Control have voiced extreme concerns over the spread of tick borne diseases throughout the US. Anaplasmosis, a relatively recent condition in New England, has now taken over in our practice as the most commonly diagnosed tick borne disease. Lyme Disease, a perennial “player” is still around although we now see Anaplasmosis much more frequently than Lyme. The lesson here? If you have not initiated tick treatment for your dog or cat for this parasite season, the time is now. If you need help deciding which method of tick control to utilize. feel free to contact us. Whether your purchase product at the Brockton Animal Hospital or elsewhere, our goal is you make sure that your four legged companion stays as healthy as possible. So get outside, enjoy the weather and protect yourself and your pet.