Happy Birthday Fairy Dog Parents

As Fairy Dog Parents (FDP) celebrate their fifth birthday in 2014 we at the Brockton Animal Hospital couldn’t be more pleased to be a partner in providing care for their designated pets in need. From a fourteen year old Shar Pei with tumors to an eight year old German Shepherd with pyometra (a serious uterine infection) and numerous other ill pets we have treated , the experience has been nearly flawless. We have worked with Jennifer on several cases over the past two years and the commitment to the mission is stellar. Their philosophy of not just providing a “free ride” to the client but rather expecting the client to assume some financial responsibility is unique in the world of humane organizations and, in my opinion, what makes it work so well. Because of the effort on their part (FDP), their donor ‘s part and the client it makes us proud to be part of such a successful process. Though not required of us we frequently discount our services in order to make it all work. Kudos to all of you in the Fairy Dog Parents family and we hope we will have the privilege of working with you far into the future. For many of the FDP clients we have had the pleasure to serve this is a dream come true.
Happy Birthday
From the Staff at the Brockton Animal Hospital