Happy Holidays and Thank You

Once again the holidays are upon us and I would like to thank all of you (that is our two and four legged friends) who have made this a very fun, inspiring and of course challenging year. It never ceases to amaze me the attachment and importance of our animal companions in our lives. I make it a point every single day to take time out to spend quality time with our pets. I’m certain you all do the same.

A few developments over this past year that are very positive and encouraging. We have had the pleasure in several instances to partner with “Fairy Dog Parents” an outstanding non profit organization who grants as many wishes as they possibly can in helping pets at times of medical needs. We have found the organization exemplary in their commitment and wish to thank Jennifer in particular. We have worked with Jennifer in several instances to figure out ways that various pet owners in financial need are able to care for their pets. It requires a bit of creativity on both of our parts but we manage to succeed when we all put our heads together. In case you are interested just check out http://fairydogparents.org/ to find out more. You may also notice a calendar that they offer for the holidays with pictures of several of their success stories. For those of you who are interested stop by our office and we have copies of them available for a small donation. They make great stocking stuffers and help a worthwhile cause.

On the medical front some very positive developments that are quite exciting. There have been some major advances in the treatment of chronic kidney disease, a serious condition that plagues many middle age and older cats and dogs. New evidence regarding dietary correction as well as a greater understanding of the disease process has made for improved quality of life and longevity for these patients. In addition we are enjoying very positive results with our expanding program of drug free management of osteoarthritis and other sources of pain. A combination of nutritional counseling, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and use of nutriceutical supplements has met with resounding success stories from owners of pets who have found new meaning in their senior years. These are truly exciting developments and we look forward to further improvement in veterinary care in 2014.

Once again, thank all of you for making this past year a very good one. We appreciate your putting your faith in us to keep your pet family healthy. And of course we always are thankful for your kind referrals. We hope you all have a very healthy and happy holiday season. Be well and we wish you only the best in the coming year.