Happy Holidays and Thank You

The time of year has come for we at the Brockton Animal Hospital to to give back in a special way and to say thanks.  Brockton Animal Hospital was founded in 1957 in the same location that it still stands today.  I have been  part of that history for thirty seven years.  It is hard for me to believe that I have been “punching the clock” for so long in the same place.   I have always been a person who does things with an extreme intensity and then burns out after a relatively short time.  Not so as a veterinarian in Brockton.  I have you, our clients to thank.  You have shown  a dedication to your pets that makes doing our job so rewarding. Your observations,  intelligence and constant input is essential in providing the service to which we are committed.   Also, I must acknowledge our  staff that shows  tireless energy in providing only the best quality care imaginable.  Their dedication to you, your pets and to me personally is unheard of in today’s world where people are often only looking at a short sighted horizon.  But with some staff members who have been on board for nearly twenty years I find the personal sacrifice inspiring.  Clients often ask me when I am retiring.  My answer is simple:  “I will retire when I stop enjoying what I do and when coming to work is no longer exciting”. With clients like yourselves offering continual challenges, participating in your own pet’s care and sincerely showing appreciation for what we do it doesn’t seem as if retirement will come any time soon.  For that I say: “Thank you, Thank You, Thank you.

In keeping with the spirit of Brockton Animal Hospital’s constant evaluation  of what we do and trying to determine if there is a better way  we continue our holiday tradition of giving.  Instead of sending out holiday cards to individuals, in honor of you we make donations to local non profit organizations with programs that particularly support young people. This way our dollars go to service our community rather than supporting holiday card manufacturers and the postal service.  This year, thanks to each and every one of you we have made contributions to the following programs:

YMCA Strong Kids

Boys and Girls Club of Brockton

Fuller Craft Museum

School on Wheels

Each of these organizations has shown exemplary work in engaging our community and it’s young people.  Please take pride in knowing that you helped to make this possible.  We wish you the best of health and happiness in this holiday season and hope that 2013 brings only good things for all of you.  Thank you for being with us.