Holiday Time Reminders………Don’t Spend the Holiday in the ER with Your Pet

Despite all the warnings, news articles, TV news stories, public cautions and the like, no holiday season is ever over until we have had at least two or three phone calls and subsequent very sick pets as a result of one or more of the following:

1. A canine companion who has grabbed a turkey carcass (or even worse the remnants of a ham) and consumed whatever they could before being caught
2. The mischievous kitten or adult feline who thought that eating ribbons, strings and the like was fun until they swallowed and it wouldn’t move through
3. Kittens and puppies who just couldn’t resist that tiny little wire that went around the room………with 110 Volts in it!
4. The always full water bowl at the bottom of the tree with an array of chemicals, fire retardants and other toxins that leech out from the trunk during the season.
5. Tinsel and garland that looked so sparkling to the eyes of a pet and once again went down easily but didn’t move through quite the same way
6. Limping dogs who had frolicked in the “not so pet friendly ice melt” before they started to mutilate their foot especially between the toes
7. The disappearing pet act because of a non pet owning relative who thought that when a pet stands by the door you just let them out (Happened in my household years ago and with two Irish Setters as pets resulted in a two hour “halftime” break to find the dogs before the holiday celebrations resumed)
8. Excessive chocolate consumption when someone forgot about the candy dish that was left out on the coffee table
9. The Chihuahua who lapped the remnants of his owner’s Black Russian and became a very nasty, but recoverable drunk

…..and on….and on….and on…. On behalf of your pet companions and in the interest of making this holiday celebration one to remember for the good things, please be aware. Don’t wind up spending your holiday in the ER awaiting a verdict of whether your pet companion will again celebrate with you in 2017. Be Vigilant……Be Safe……Be Well. From all of us at the Brockton Animal Hospital, have a wonderful holiday season and we’ll see you in 2017.