It Isn’t Always about Pets but it Seems to Always be About Animals

Working in a veterinary hospital is a unique experience. Emotions run the gamut from the pure joy of seeing new puppies and kittens romping around exam rooms to profound sadness when one of our clients loses their aging pet. No two days are alike and each phone call can totally alter the day’s path. Stress comes with the job yet the rewards are great. We often leave at the end of a day feeling as if we have been caught up in a tornado, without any track of time, punctuated by brief lunch hour and then spit out of the whirlwind once the end of the day is here. This is not a profession for the faint of heart. Fortunately we have a staff who are all dedicated to the health and welfare of the pet world.

So every once in a while we take a break and get together for a meal, a beer, or as we did this last Sunday, a tour of Boston on the Duck Boats. For those who have not taken this tour of Boston, the Duck Boats (the animal connection to the title) are converted World War II amphibious vehicles that carried troops onto the beaches of Europe. In their modern form they cruise the streets of Boston while a very entertaining driver/boat captain/tour guide (three people wrapped up into one) drives this “boat” through downtown Boston before heading down a boat ramp in Charlestown to cruise the Charles River along Cambridge and Boston. The entire trip which lasts about an hour and a half, is punctuated by historical facts, Red Sox trivia, jokes about Boston drivers, information about the Freedom Trail, observations about people watching from the sidewalk, etc. etc. All in all itwas a very entertaining time. Next it was on to the South End of Boston for a brunch at a restaurant where all the staff dress up in pajamas for the Sunday Brunch. The food was fantastic (including the homemade strawberry rhubarb “Pop Tarts” that we shared) and we all came away fed, entertained and relaxed.

So if you are in to our office this week and we seem just a bit more relaxed than usual, you’ll know the reason. Now the wheels are turning….where should we go next?


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