It’s Hot! Hot! Hot!

July 4 is around the corner and here comes the first heat wave of the summer. There is no question that with temperatures in the 90’s many of us will be heading to the beaches, the lakes, the pools, anywhere we can go to stay cool and celebrate. But for our pets, these can be dangerous weather conditions. Before you head out, make sure of the following:

-If your pet companions are going with you, ensure that they will have shade, water and a means to cool down in the event they become overheated. Even if you don’t think it feels too hot, our furry friends don’t have the same tolerance for heat as we do.
-Beach games, active play, Frisbee games and ball chasing should all be discouraged except for early in the morning before things heat up. They will cause rapid overheating and heat stroke.
-Parking lots, sandy beaches and sidewalks can all get extremely hot in this weather. If it is too warm for your bare feet, it is likewise for your pet companions. Burns are common in this weather.
-If you are planning on going boating, ensure that your pet wears a life preserver and/or is harnessed safely inside the boat. Accidents on lakes as well as the ocean, are often serious.
-If the pets are staying home, make sure you have a way to keep them cool. Close all curtains or shades early in the day, to keep the house temperature comfortable and safe for the pets. If you have air conditioning, have at least one room where the pets can hang out, in order to escape the heat when the need occurs.
-Finally, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES leave your pet in a car, even if it is in the shade, the engine and AC are on, or the windows are wide open….not even for a moment. This is always a recipe for disaster.

By observing the above and using a little bit of common sense, this weather can be a great time to enjoy the outdoors with your buddy. Hikes, camping, canoeing, swimming or just hanging around the pool, is always more fun with our four legged companions.