Kidney Disease and Photobiomodulation (Laser Therapy)

While many of our patients, and clients, are enjoying the benefit of Photobiomodulation (previously Laser Therapy) for conditions such as arthritis, disc or back injuries and anterior cruciate disease, one of the most sought after treatments is for cats and dogs with kidney or renal disease. Although our pilot study included pets with late stage chronic kidney disease, we are now treating patients with earlier stage chronic disease as well as Acute Kidney Injury (AKI). Thanks to word of mouth from you and other friends, we receive inquiries from the veterinary community around the globe on nearly a daily basis. The results that are reported continue to reinforce what we have found. Although Photobiomodulation is not a cure for kidney disease, it greatly improves the quality of life (and likely longevity) when done properly with appropriate dosage.

Tomorrow, during a webinar with nearly a hundred participants representing a dozen countries around the world, we will present the updated data collected over the last ten years. Without you supporting us and spreading the word, it is unlikely that this would have occurred. As more veterinary hospitals expand this treatment, the “translational work”, meaning the spill over into human medicine continues. Thanks for being with us during this extraordinary ride and buckle up for the future. It only gets better from here.