Kudos to our Patient Kibbie ! (and of course her owner who had to drive her there)

Kibbie, a one year (almost) old female Irish Setter, took honors as best puppy in show at a major event in Georgia last week. Kibbie and her owner of Beaubriar Irish Setters in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts, came home with the number one prize in the puppy class. Brockton Animal Hospital is proud to boast of Kibbie’s accomplishment especially since she survived a very uncommon and serious disease when only a few weeks old. Kibbie and her owners fought very hard for her merely to survive let alone to ever consider showing her. But their determination and dedication and Kibbie’s will to survive won out. So here she is. Best pup at the show. Congratulations to Beaubriar and all who were involved in her triumph.

Kibbie De Chambeau digital SU5_6666