Laser Therapy for Dogs and Cats Gaining Traction

Many of you who have been clients over the last ten years have pets that received the benefit of low level laser therapy (LLLT) for arthritis and injury. When we partnered with a company from the United Kingdom (Thor Photomedicine) in 2005 to work on creating protocols to treat various conditions, primarily of a muscular or skeletal nature, we were the first practice in the area to embrace this technology. Since then the effectiveness of light therapy has exceeded all expectations. We have expanded the use to include everything from osteoarthritis, cruciate ligament injuries and hip and elbow dysplasia to liver, kidney and disc disease. We built an Educational Outreach Program that has grown to include specialty veterinary practices, state and local veterinary associations and now have been approached by several veterinary colleges to teach a short course on light (laser) therapy to their students and interested faculty. We have also consulted on research projects utilizing laser and recently authored a chapter for “The Textbook of Photomedicine”, a definitive reference being published in 2015 by the Wellman Institute of Photomedicine of Harvard Medical School. We are certainly pleased to be in this distinguished company but even more so that the growth of Laser Therapy for pets has grown such that nearly ten percent of all veterinary practices now utilize therapeutic laser. It is the fastest growing field of veterinary care in the US. This is a tremendous jump from the rarity of laser units when we first became involved in this science. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge any and all of our clients who have shown the confidence in us by allowing us to utilize this technology on their pets. You have personally contributed to the progress of cutting edge medicine and improved the quality of veterinary care.

If you have any questions regarding whether laser therapy would be useful on your pet’s medical condition, please feel free to contact us at the Brockton Animal Hospital.