Laser Therapy (Photobiomodulation) in the treatment of Kidney Disease in Cats, Dogs and……………..Horses?

What do a feline in Texas, a horse in California and a dog in the United Kingdom have in common? They are all feeling well and thriving as the result of Laser (Photobiomodulation) treatment for Chronic or Acute Kidney Disease. It is not just the dogs and cats of Boston that are being treated with Laser Therapy for kidney disease. The topic may get a bit boring for those of you who read these posts regularly, but after using LED devices and Lasers for nearly ten years to treat kidney disease in critically ill cats and dogs, the report of a horse that benefited is just another page in the chapter. I certainly wouldn’t say the work we have done in treating Kidney or Renal Disease with Laser Therapy has exactly gone viral, but we now receive, with some regularity, inquiries from around the globe. These emails are from owners and vets alike who have begun to use Low Level Laser and Light Devices to treat Kidney Disease. It is a far cry from the past days when encouraging a colleague to use light to treat kidney disease was met with the doubtful and skeptical look as if to say “this guys has been at it for too long”.

Our journey with Low Level Lasers and LED devices began nearly fifteen years ago and yet it seems that each passing day is met with another patient, client or inquiry that makes us realize how important this therapy is. Although initially used to treat bones and joints, we now adapt this technology to treat nearly any condition that has a component of pain, inflammation, tissue damage or circulatory compromise. Were it not for the trust and confidence you have all placed in us, this progress could not have been made. It is still exciting each time a new client comes to the practice because they have read, searched or heard about the work we are doing taking this technology to the next level. And we never get tired of hearing the stories and amazement after a seriously ill pet makes an apparent “miraculous” recovery. As I always say “it is just sound science”.

If you or any friend or family member have a question regarding this innovative therapy, regardless of whether local of a half of world away, please encourage them to communicate with us. We never tire of discussing, teaching or learning how we can use light to help heal and restore our companions to health.