Let’s Lighten Things up a Bit

I know it often seems like the posts on our page are always warning of dire circumstance. When we have so many diseases, pests and traumatic events that can befall our four legged friends it is sometimes hard to find something fun. So thank you to one of our clients for this link. As many of you know, Dr. HUffenus and I have struggled to find another veterinarian to join our practice. We demand a lot of ourselves for you, our clients, and are unwilling to compromise our standards when it comes to hiring a new doctor. In time we will find that right person but in the meantime maybe this will shed a bit of light on the subject of just why it has been so difficult. I bring you the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine male graduating class. Good luck, guys. After all if veterinary medicine doesn’t suit you, perhaps you may have a career in entertainment. Enjoy