Light (Laser) Therapy Treatment of Dogs and Cats with Kidney Disease Impresses at International Conference

“Laser Florence 2015 The International Year of Light ”
was the official name of the conference in Florence, Italy where two of our patients had their cases presented to an audience that included veterinarians, medical doctors and university researchers. Treatment of chronic renal disease using light therapy created a major stir throughout the conference. The responses ranged from surprise that we would think to use a light device for this application, to both amazement and skepticism regarding the benefits we seem to be achieving. It all culminated in a request from a major university human medical school to collaborate with us at the Brockton Animal Hospital in furthering this clinical application. We are now in the process of organizing all of our data from the kidney disease patients we have been treating in order to begin the collaboration. We find this very exciting as serious kidney disease in both animals and people is a disease that has eluded treatment. It is steadily progressive and often results in total loss of kidney function. The implications of finding a treatment that effectively stops or even slows the progression of kidney disease in animals or humans are potentially mind boggling. We will keep you posted as this work continues. In the meantime here are a couple of photos from yours truly presenting the case studies at the conference.

pic 2