Patients, patients, PATIENCE!

The last few weeks at the Brockton Animal Hospital have been filled with wellness visits, sick dogs and sick cats that need help, and using laser therapy to treat many pets in the Boston area and from all over Massachusetts. It has been a fun couple of weeks as the kids go back to school and the pets come out from hiding to reacquaint themselves to life after summer. However, one thing is very different for us this year. The last two days we have been in training as we convert our hospital software to a new system. For you, the client, it will mean clearer and more concise medical records, better connectivity and more efficient ways to deal with your questions……….eventually that its. For us it will be a lot of learning, retraining, customizing the software so it will work for us and working out what I’m sure will be many bugs in the system. It will be a lot of hard work, long days and nights for our hospital administrator and I’m sure many emails, phone calls and texts to our software support team. In the end we are certain that it will all be for the better.

For all of you, our clients and friends, we apologize in advance. We will do our best to make this all as seamless as possible. But as we all know, the reality of software conversion is never easy. We guarantee that the quality of care to which you have become accustomed will be unaffected. Upgrading multiple pieces of medical equipment over the past year or two assures you that we are using the latest technology to bring you the best and most affordable veterinary care possible. That is one ideal from which we will not waiver. But if you, unfortunately, in the near future find yourself a bit bogged down on a phone call while you are waiting for information, please forgive us. Be patient and know that in the end, it will make things easier. (At least that’s what the software people tell us.)