Pet Dental Health, Oral Health and Overall Health

Dental Hygiene and Brushing Teeth,

As any of our clients will tell you, a visit to the Brockton Animal Hospital for a wellness exam often turns to the subject of dental care. Practicing Veterinary Dentistry is one of the many things we do for our clients in the Brockton as well as the greater Boston area. With a full dental suite we can perform teeth cleaning, digital x rays, extractions, root canals, gingivectomies and more……..all part of the veterinary dental world. Of course no discussion is complete without considering home dental care. Brushing teeth, rinsing mouths, offering dental chew toys and even specific diets can all have positive effects on your pet’s mouth as well as the rest of the body. There is growing evidence that improved dental health improves overall health. Pets with better teeth…..have better (and maybe longer) lives.
With all that in mind we were pleased when “I Love My Dog” asked if we would do another Facebook Live (the previous one was on Pet Laser Therapy). Last Thursday night in the dental suite of the Brockon Animal Hospital, we streamed live to the online community and answered questions that were submitted. The link is found below on our Facebook Page. If you are interested, check it out. If for no other reason to watch my dog “Lou” give me a rough time when I try to brush his teeth on camera. All in good fun (and health).