Pet Health Insurance Comparisons

One of the original pet health insurance companies and still in existence is VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance).  They have learned many lessons in their thirty plus years of existence some of which can benefit the pet owner and many which have lead to some complexities in the medical plans available to the consumer.  The flexibility of plans that are offered are impressive with optional wellness care, injury only policies as well as major medical plans. However with a broadened array of products it becomes incumbent on the consumer to be diligent in understanding what has been purchased.

For example as previously mentioned desirable coverage for large breeds of certain dogs would cover injury to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament or ACL. With the VPI plans coverage is only granted if the injury does not occur during the first twelve months the policy is in effect.  This is not the same as excluding a preexisting condition which wouldn’t be covered, logically, if it existed prior to purchase of the policy.  But rather this could be defined as a waiting period during which a Cranial Cruciate Rupture must not occur in order to be covered by insurance.

Also coverage for a condition is different if the presentation to the veterinarian lists that condition as the primary problem or rather as a secondary problem discovered during the exam.  Although compensation for the charges are still allowed it may be at a different level.

Similarly coverage of illness or injury is limited by specific conditions listed in the Schedule of Benefits for the particular policy you have chosen.  It is well beyond the scope of this post to go into more detail particularly since there are so many options regarding the VPI plans.  Suffice to say that the premiums are slightly lower than several of the other plans we will mention but it is advisable to be a savvy consumer willing to participate in knowing your plan if you choose VPI.   Though the VPI plans somewhat mimic the human health insurance model, all companies reimburse the owner the allotted amount after you have first paid the veterinary provider.

Concluding VPI is a reliable affordable plan which offers wellness as well as accident and illness coverage but does have a very detailed schedule of benefits when it comes to understanding if a veterinary visit will be covered.  Next post we will look at Trupanion Pet Health Insurance a somewhat simpler option than VPI.