Pet Photos from Thailand and Vietnam

Pets from Thailand and Vietnam

After being away for two and a half weeks (my longest vacation since being in practice) it was good to get back. While away my wife Sandy and I are, of course, always drawn to the pets that we see in different cultures. The images on our Facebook Page were taken while we were in Thailand. (The Vietnamese pets will be in the next post) We always see more dogs than cats and as you will see in the picture with the Buddhist monk and his “pack”, dogs are considered to be somewhat supreme beings in this particular culture. They generally are allowed free reign within the Temples and are well fed and cared for. In the words of a monk who I had met several years ago, when asked (through an interpreter) if I would be creating better personal karma if I were an MD instead of a DVM he smiled and said that some people believe that returning to the next life as a dog means you created a very positive human life in your previous existence. In other words being a dog may be a step up from being a person. Works for me!! Enjoy. (5 photos)

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