Purinacare…..A recognized name offers pet insurance

Although in the pet health insurance business only since since 2007, Purina appears to have made inroads into the industry.  A quick online check (not having had any clients at this time with their coverage) I was encouraged to see mostly positive reviews.

Comparing closely with Trupanion, Purinacare offers an 80% unscheduled coverage with optional deductions ranging from $100-$1000.  While Trupanion offers a 90% coverage policy with optional deductibles Purinacare does offer wellness care which Trupanion does not.  By purchasing the wellness plan as well as the the medical plan, dental cleanings are a covered item.  Since Trupanion does not offer this same option, extractions and dental care resulting from disease conditions are covered but not routine cleaning.  Since an integral part of wellness care in pets is exemplary dental prophylaxis this option by Purinacare is of considerable importance.

Both Purina and Trupanion reimburse for laser therapy (Trupanion as long as you have the complementary care option) as long as it is performed in a clinical setting.  In our practice Low Level Laser Therapy and dentistry have become of hugely important so either of these plans would satisfy most of the needs of our clients.

Another area that we reviewed critically is orthopedics, particularly Cranial or Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries (ACL or CrCL). This condition as well as Luxating Patellae occur with some regularity in veterinary practice both in dogs and cats.  Both plans appear to cover these conditions as long as they are not preexisting.  The wait time for knee surgery with Puricare is two weeks a very reasonable length of time to allow coverage.

As with all the pet health insurance plans we surveyed, preexisting conditions are not covered. Both Purina and Trupanion appear reasonable in determining what is covered in most instances.  Obviously it is difficult to note all scenarios that could happen and it pays to be an informed and vigilant consumer.  Given the nature of veterinary care Purinacare with the Preventative Care plan would be an excellent choice for those looking for wellness and major medical as would Trupanion with Complementary Care option with the 90% coverage for those for whom wellness care is not a coverage priority.

The last pet health insurance we will look at is Petplan Pet Insurance, an provider in the UK for thirty five years who have now entered the US market.