Skin Disease…..This is One Banner Year!!

Whether it was the rains early in the spring or the record high temperatures in July, this year is turning out to become one of the worst on record for pets and their allerigies. Dogs and cats that have never been plagued in the past are coming to our office scratching, sneezing, biting at feet, breaking out in sores, rubbing their faces to name but a few of the symptoms. Often pet owners assume that fleas are to blame but in fact usually aren’t. If your pet is suffering from any of these signs it could be allergies. To educate yourself with an overview of skin disease refer to these previous posts:

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Skin diseases in general are often handled in a somewhat “relaxed” manner by the pet owner. Be aware that skin dieases, in general, are much easier, and less expensive, to deal with earlier rather than later. Dogs and cats can suffer tremedously from these conditions. Please be a responsible caretaker for your pet and have any abnormalities checked as soon as possible.