The Escalating Price of Veterinary Care……Part II

The Spiraling Cost of Veterinary Care…Pat II

I have been working on this post for some time but haven’t quite finished it yet.  My apologies for those of you that may have been waiting.

I am giving a presentation at the World Association of Laser Therapy (WALT) in Washington DC this week and have been spending a good bit of time on that presentation.  I will be one of only three veterinarians speaking and will be addressing the general meeting regarding some of the clinical work we are doing with laser therapy. Since this conference is the largest Laser Therapy Conference in the world and attracts an international audience I want to make sure that I represent our profession well.  I’m sure some of you have pets who have been the recipient of this technology and the Brockton Animal Hospital is recognized as one of the foremost treatment centers for Pet Laser Therapy in the greater Boston area.  I’m sure I will have some exciting information to bring to you upon my return.  It promises to be a very exciting conference.