The New Year Always Brings Changes

As is often the case, the beginning of every New Year is full of anticipation, promises, changes and resolutions. Here at the Brockton Animal Hospital it is no different. After twenty four years as our partner at the Easton Vet Clinic, Dr. Mark Goldberg has decided to enter the next phase of his life. He retired from veterinary practice on December 31, 2014 and now counts himself as a person of leisure. I have my suspicions about how long that will last but for now we will all miss him, both his excellent diagnostic skills and his infectious sense of humor. We wish him the best in his next endeavor. For those of you who have been seeing him at the Easton Vet Clinic in the center of town, a plan to continue operating the clinic fell through when the landlord decided to utilize the building for his own purposes and not renew the lease. We now have all the patient records at the Brockton location and hope that you will consider continuing your care with us. Many of you have been here previously and have commented on the caring nature of our technical and support staff. Please join us all in thanking Dr. Goldberg for all of his contributions over the years and hope that his future is a rewarding and fulfilling one. Feel free to call us at Brockton (the Easton Clinic phone will forward) regarding any questions you may have regarding your pets.