‘Tis the Season of New Puppies and Kittens

Perhaps it was the long winter….or maybe it was the very slow start to summer season. Whatever the reason, the Brockton Animal Hospital has seen an influx of new kittens and puppies at a rate much higher than usual. Why is it so important to bring your new pet to a veterinarian as soon as possible? So that you and your new companion can get started off on the right foot.

Although most calls for new pets inquire as to which vaccines are needed and how much they cost, the initial visits are much more involved than just an injection or two. The most common questions we answer that are on the minds of nearly every new pet owner are as follows:

1. What pet food is the best for my pet?
2. How do I housetrain/litter train my pet?
3. Should I let my pet outside? How often and when do I start?
4. I have another pet in the house. Is there any thing special I need to do so they get along?
5. What type of toys should I get? Are there some toys or treats that are bad?
6. Is table food OK to feed my pet?
7. Is my pet healthy?
8. How important is crate training?
9. When and how should I start flea treatment?
10. My kitten/puppy is chewing on wires….is this a problem?
11. How can I get my puppy to stop chewing the furniture?
12. I saw worms coming out of my kittens behind. Do I have to worry about my kids?
13. When can I start puppy classes?
14. Why does my cat need vaccines or heartworm medication if she is never going outside?

This list goes on and on. As you can imagine the initial veterinary visit (or two or three) can be quite lengthy in order to get all of your questions answered. If you are a new pet owner, do not put off the initial veterinary visit. Even if you are an experienced pet owner, things can change quickly in medicine. Absolute rules from three or four years ago may be different based on new information.

If you are a new pet owner (or plan to be in the near future) start your list of questions now. You may have concerns that need answering before the arrival date. Even if you don’t have finances for all the initial immunizations, don’t put off that first visit. Come in for an initial physical exam and to begin the process of working together with your new pet and your veterinary team. Please know that puppies and kittens are what we love to take care of at the Brockton Animal Hospital. Feel free to call anytime if there is a question or two that just can’t wait until that next visit. Above all…….have FUN!