Update on Hospital Status

Update on Status of Hospital Although we are continuing to operate the practice in order to provide the care that our clients rely upon, we have made a few temporary changes to our hospital protocols. Upon arriving to the hospital for your designated appointment time, please call from the parking lot in order to notify us you have arrived. In most cases one of our staff members will come and bring the pet in for the exam. A doctor will then return to the car to discuss findings, necessary diagnositcs and plan. Even though we are limiting clients in the facility, if anyone in the pet’s family is ill or been exposed to anyone who is ill, we ask you to please arrange someone else to come to the visit. Our goal is to keep all of us and all of you as healthy as possible. To that end you may notice that we are rotating staff in order that any of the hospital crew who has any indication of illness, no matter how minor, has been asked to stay home until a doctor okays their return. Also, upon entering the reception area to complete the visit, please make sure to practice physical distancing from anyone else in the reception area as well as only approaching the reception desk from behind the taped line on the floor. In a practice such as ours, where we are used to being close to our clients and personal in our contacts, this is certainly awkward. Fortunately it is only temporary and it is our intent to stay open for our pet friends and their families, througout this crisis. Thanks for your support, your trust and your cooperation. Above all, be safe and be well