Veterinary Dental Suite Completed

As the profession continues to evolve and we expand our knowledge, the importance of dentistry to the health and well being of our pets grows.  As noted in previous posts, home dental care as well as occasional dental prophylaxis and cleanings are essential in contributing to the longevity of your pet’s health.

In keeping with our goals of providing the maximal amount of high quality veterinary care possible the Brockton Animal Hospital  recently completed the construction of a dedicated veterinary dental suite within our facility.  This procedure room houses state of the art high speed dental equipment, a dentistry procedure tub as well as digital intra oral x-ray unit.  Oxygen is piped into the suite so that anesthesia can be easily performed and any procedures such as root canal, dental cleanings and extractions  can all be accomplished without need to leave the suite.  Since some dental procedures can take one to two hours to complete the presence of the dental suite allows for increased flexibility when scheduling specialized dental procedures.

Dr. V. Morgan Hurley, a graduate of Michigan State College of Veterinary Medicine joined the Brockton Animal Hospital in June of 2011. Dr. Hurley focused on dentistry during her formal education.   Since graduation she has continued to expand her knowlege of veterinary dentistry.  Dr. Hurley has completed a dental externship at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital as well as attending multiple educational meetings.  We are fortunate to have her expertise and dedication to the field of veterinary dentistry in our facility.

Please feel free to contact our hospital at any time with any questions you may have relative to dental care for your pet.