We Escaped the Room!!

We rarely do anything conventionally at the Brockton Animal Hospital. Every patient is unique, no two illnesses are identical and no holiday party should be boring or held until well after the holidays are over. With that in mind, several weeks ago (I’m a bit late in posting this) we celebrated the long past holidays by having ourselves locked into a room to see if we could escape before our time ran out. No, this was not “Saw-Brockton Animal Hospital” but a relatively new group adventure where you are given a few hints, closed into a windowless room (which in our case was more cave like) and told that eventually you will be let out if you can’t escape. With only our cooperative skills, our wits and a few hints we had to solve riddle after riddle and use logic to figure out multiple problems until, with just a few minutes remaining, we overcame one final problem, pushed a button and voila a hidden door opened and we were free. It was congratulations all around, a few quick pics and we were off to a well deserved dinner in Boston.

It was more fun than we could ever imagine. When one works together as closely as we do, after hours activities can be challenging. We see each other daily, live the ups and downs of veterinary practice and are subjected to a good bit of stress on a regular basis. Yet it was fascinating to see how well we worked together in what seemed like very similar roles we play at the Brockton Animal Hospital. It was almost as if our work had trained us for this event. The biggest problem of all? This was so much fun and mentally stimulating, how can we top this for next year? Who knows, maybe a different room? Here we are, free at last!!!