Which Pet Health Insurance to Buy?

In the previous post we looked at the importance of health insurance for dogs and cats as the sophistication of veterinary care has escalated dramatically. Fortunately medical insurance for pets has also become more diverse with options that can best suit the needs of the policyholder. This often depends on the species and breed of pet as well as the preferences of the owner.  The difficult task for the pet owner is to wade through the various policies and conclude which best suits you and your pets needs.  In order to make this a bit easier let’s examine a few of the issues that are key to making your choice.

First  are you more interested in a policy that covers in the event of accident or illness or are you also looking for wellness care.    Wellness coverage would contribute to the cost of annual exams, vaccinations,  laboratory tests and and medications such as heartworm preventative that are provided as part of regular medical care.

In terms of deductibles or the amount you first must pay before insurance contributes, what level are you comfortable with? What percentage of the cost of care do you wish for the policy to cover understanding that increased levels always come at increased cost.

In the unfortunate event that your pet contracts cancer how would you wish to pursue the condition?  Treatment of various neoplasias (cancers) may be best accomplished with chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or a combination of all three.  Depending on your personal philosophy regarding the extent of treatment,  coverage for these services may or may not be necessary in the case of your pet.