World Association of Laser Therapy Conference (The Future is Now)

When it comes to the world of laser therapy and pet laser therapy clearly the future has arrived. After attending the WALT conference in Washington DC two weeks ago I can’t believe how much the technology has leaped ahead since the previous conference in 2012 in Australia. We are fortunate to be living in the Boston area, truly a hub of light therapy research. Harvard University’s Wellman Institute of Photomedicine, Boston University’s work concerning traumatic brain injuries in athletes, Mass General’s Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital have all embraced research in laser therapy to treat a myriad of diseases. At the Brockton Animal Hospital we are proud to be included in such an elite group and recently we have been asked to contribute as co authors on “The Textbook Of Photomedicine” scheduled for release in early 2015. Our work in Laser Therapy continues to attract the attention of many doctors on the human side. The various conditions we now treat include:

1. Osteoarthritis (without the use of drugs)
2. Disc Disease
3. Diseases of the eye
4. Cognitive disorders
5. Kidney and Liver Disease in Cats
6. Neurological Diseases
7. Musculo skeletal Diseases
8. Pain (often without drugs)

to name a few. Current research on an international scale includes using light therapy to stimulate stem cells, reduce side effects from chemotherapy, provide less painful and quicker healing dental procedures, significantly reducing the amount of drugs used for anesthesia, cardiac disease….the list goes on and on.

We now use light therapy routinely several times a day at the Brockton Animal Hospital. The response from our clients to see their pets comfortable again or more active or just plain happier is so rewarding it is hard to put into words. If you have any questions concerning whether pet laser therapy would be appropriate for your pet feel free to call. We have treated over a thousand patients with this modality since we began nearly nine years ago which allows us to have an excellent idea of when it is right for a particular condition. Finally, yes, the next post will definitely be part two on the serious problem of escalating veterinary costs.

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