Update on Photobiomodulation and Chronic Kidney (Renal) Disease

As many of our clients have experienced, Photobiomodulation, also known as Light Therapy or Laser Therapy, has become an indispensable part of our practice. Photobiomodulation treatment of many conditions including injury, osteoarthritis, pancreatitis, liver disease, eye disease, disc disease, on and on is now commonplace in our practice. The results are usually excellent and, in some cases, even exceed our expectations. But perhaps the single, most rewarding application to date, is in the treatment of Chronic Renal (Kidney) Disease (CRD). We have focused much of our Photobiomodulation clinical research on the treatment of dogs and cats with Chronic Renal Disease. Until ten years ago, when we first decided to evaluate the integrative treatment of Chronic Renal Disease using Light Therapy, the sad reality was that most patients that presented with later stage CRD only survived weeks to months. The term “integrative therapy or medicine” refers to the addition of a less common treatment modality (Low Level Laser Therapy) to the standard medical protocol utilized in treating a disease. To date we have treated well over a hundred pets with CRD utilizing an integrative approach. We continue to use traditional Western medicine in addition to Light Therapy. The results have shown a consistent improvement in the quality of life of CRD patients and likely an increase in longevity. Although there are several questions that need to be answered (what part of the diseased kidney is effected by the light? how often does the treatment need to be done? do certain cases respond better than others?, etc.) one thing remains clear. CRD is no longer as hopeless as it once was. Many of these patients now live a long time after diagnosis. We have been asked to join another practice, that has been in the process of validating and replicating our results, in doing a joint presentation at an international conference in Washington DC this spring. The implication of this treatment success could have a major impact in many patients, both human and veterinary. If you have any questions regarding the treatment of Chronic Renal Disease with Photobiomodulation, or perhaps you would like more information, feel free to reach out. We have had the opportunity to work with people around the globe on this project and thank all of your for your support and trust in us