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Thanks to Jake’s owner, Fairy Dog Parents and a little help from Jake’s friends here at the Brockton Animal Hospital, this very cute pup is much happier now that the urinary tract stones in his bladder have been removed. Luckily for Jake his family contacted Fairy Dog Parents when they found out that Jake had… Continue reading

After nearly two years of effort our brand new website is up and running. It’s not that we’re slow it’s just that it takes time to find the right designer, an acceptable design and to feel comfortable with the image we are presenting to all of you. Besides, our last site served us well and… Continue reading

Yes…….and……. No. After all, you didn’t think the answer would be easy. One of the most common criticisms we hear about veterinary practices is how expensive it is to bring your pet to the vet. Over the past few years the quality of pet care has improved tremendously and with that improvement the cost of… Continue reading

Once again the holidays are upon us and I would like to thank all of you (that is our two and four legged friends) who have made this a very fun, inspiring and of course challenging year. It never ceases to amaze me the attachment and importance of our animal companions in our lives. I… Continue reading

Those of you who have visited our practice in the last few years, I’m sure have heard mention of Laser treatments for various conditions for our patients. Previous updates in this column have highlighted this technology as one of the most important and dramatic trends in veterinary practice during the past ten years. As an… Continue reading

This is a question that is often asked when our clients are moving a long distance to a new location. It is an important question to ponder, for what makes a “good veterinarian” for one person may not exactly meet the needs of another. In light of this last statment the most accurate way to… Continue reading

The human medical profession is one of the most wasteful of all professions in the United States. There are many factors that contribute to this sad situation, some of which can be controlled while others are unavoidable. In the interest of cleanliness, sterility and disease prevention many supplies are discarded before being completely utilized. And… Continue reading

In the previous post we discussed the concerns that the veterinary community voices when it comes to on line purchasing of pet medications. It was also mentioned that in order to cut costs clients will continue to buy on line in spite of the risks associated with medications that have not been acquired directly from… Continue reading

For several years online pet pharmacies such as Pet Med and PetCare RX have been actively marketing their products. The promise of saving money, direct shipping, less hassle are all too inviting for the pet owner to ignore. But is that the whole story? Is it safe to purchase from these online pharmacies? Are there… Continue reading

As we wrap up this discussion of pet health insurance note that this project has been a real eye opener.  Our intent was to research alternatives to pet owner’s having to cover major, unexpected costly events without assistance.  The quality of companion animal care has made huge strides forward over the past few years. The… Continue reading