Chronic Kidney Disease and Laser Therapy………..the Current State of Treatment

Four years ago at the Brockton Animal Hospital, we initiated a pilot study on the treatment of Chronic Renal (Kidney) Disease using Low Level Laser Therapy (now known as PBMT or Photobiomodulation Therapy). As some of you may remember from previous posts, the study progressed for two years at which time we reported the conclusion of our study at the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Annual Meeting. Based on previously reported data from a major US veterinary college, the patients that we treated with light therapy in addition to the standard protocol enjoyed a much improved quality of life. Laser Therapy for the treatment of Chronic Renal or Kidney Disease is a new weapon in our battle to allow patients with kidney disease to live longer and happier lives. To date we have treated over one hundred patients with this modality and the results have been most encouraging. Although the treatment of kidney disease patients with laser therapy has primarily been in the Greater Boston area, several veterinarians from around the globe have consulted with us and reported similar beneficial results. One international medical school is in the process of formulating their own study in humans and a large veterinary practice in the Washington DC area is in the process of repeating our initial study on a larger scale. Furthermore we have received direct contact from several human patients who are seeking treatment for themselves.

Chronic Kidney(Renal) Disease has been long known as a condition that results in the final demise of many animal companions. With the success we have enjoyed with the integration of Laser Therapy (PBMT) into treatment of this dreaded disease, it has changed the dialogue. Before the addition of laser the prognosis was usually discussed in terms of days, weeks or occasionally months. Although still a very serious disease that is likely to progress over time, now we often talk about survival in terms of several months or even years. In some of the human patients that we have consulted on, it has even delayed the beginning of dialysis.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this novel treatment for Chronic Renal Disease. Regardless of whether we treat your pet, your friend’s pet or even answer questions regarding affected humans, it is our intent to contribute to the world of “One Health” in promoting wellness for all.