Avoiding Heat Stroke on these Dog Day Afternoons

As the heat of summer descends upon us our pets can enjoy the warmer weather just as we all do.  Not leaving our dog or cat  in a parked car and providing plenty of shade and water are essential.  But we can still exercise and enjoy our pets in the outdoors even during these dog days. The mornings and late evenings are the coolest part of the day so these are optimum times for our pets to exercise.  Prior to allowing your pets to be active during these physical demanding times just ensure that:

  • Your pets immunization and parasite prevention status are current.
  • A recent physical exam has not revealed any respiratory or cardiac problems that contraindicate exertion in these higher temperature
  • Abundant water and shade are available if your pet does become overheated.
  • Avoid starting new exercise regimens which may exceed your pet’s current physical condition until milder weather prevails.

How can you tell if your pet has become overheated?  What can I do at home  or do I need to seek urgent care?  We’ll answer these and other questions in future posts.

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