PetPlan USA One of the Oldest Pet Health Insurers

In this next installment regarding pet health insurance we take a look at PetPlan USA.  The USA label is critical as PetPlan which has been available in other parts of the world for over thirty years is now available in the US.  Though not yet having had any personal contact with the insurer, all indications are that they should be a serious contender when contemplating health insurance for your pet.  Their rating is high both in consumer satisfaction as well as company financial backing. Although not offering wellness care PetPlan’s offerings do include three different plan options with varying deductibles as well as maximum of annual coverage.

A few of the more interesting aspects of Petplan’s Gold Policy are coverage for boarding kennel fees if you are hospitalized, a “life insurance” policy which pays up to $1000 in the event of your pet’s death of accident or illness, and trip cancellation insurance which pays up to $1000 in fees lost by you if you need to return from your vacation prematurely due to a serious illness to your dog or cat.

Coverage for previously mentioned orthopedic conditions, namely anterior cruciate ligament injury and patellar luxation are well covered providing they are not preexisting conditions.  In conversing with claims representatives at Petplan it seems that the intent is to be fair with the client and to be willing to discuss the occasional “gray” area of coverage…such as dental cleanings.  Although prophylactic dental cleanings are not normally covered, if there is any evidence of even mild periodontal disease as diagnosed by your veterinarian, the cleaning is considered therapeutic for an existing disease condition.

Petplan, an active pet health insurer in other countries intends to be a major player here in the US.  In reviewing the various levels of coverage, I was impressed with their offerings and some of the minor, yet appreciated perks.  Though previously unfamiliar with this company it appears that Petplan should be on your short list when contemplating health insurance for your pet.  In the next and final post on pet health insurance we will summarize our findings and make a few key recommendations in attaining medical insurance for the feline and canine members of your family,