Renal Disease Perhaps the most common latent disease that cats unknowingly suffer from is kidney (Renal) disease. Though most of us think that our feline friends are immune to this condition until middle aged or older, such is not the case. Frequently, in our practice, we diagnose cats as young as three of four with… Continue reading

Rene, thanks so much for your very kind comments about Dr. Huffenus and the Brockton Animal Hospital.  There are three things that make the extreme efforts of the entire staff at the Brockton Animal Hospital worthwhile.  The first is the  returned wellness of your companion whose health you have entrusted to us.  The second is… Continue reading

The flea’s time of year is here.  As the heat of the summer is well entrenched and as the occasional thunderstorms keep things just moist enough, flea season is officially upon us.  Now is the time to take control before fleas become established in your house as well as in your pet population, whether just… Continue reading

Anyone who is reading this post obviously spends time on the Internet. If you are like me the internet has become the “go to” source for beginning to gain information on nearly any topic that arises. I often hear doctors complain about clients searching online for diagnoses as well as treatments for themselves and their… Continue reading

Dogs have them ……. cats have them……. but why does the veterinary profession take them so lightly? This is the question we at the Brockton Animal Hospital have been asking for years. If your pet is scooting, licking, smelling like rotten fish (or worse) or bleeding from the rectum there is a good possibility that… Continue reading

In this next installment regarding pet health insurance we take a look at PetPlan USA.  The USA label is critical as PetPlan which has been available in other parts of the world for over thirty years is now available in the US.  Though not yet having had any personal contact with the insurer, all indications… Continue reading

Over the past several years the medical care that can be provided to your dog or cat has become extremely sophisticated.  Diagnostic ultrasound, MRI’s, CT Scans, Radioactive thyroid treatments have all become commonplace. For your pet, a most important family member, this is great news.  However as we all are aware technology and exemplary care… Continue reading

West Nile Virus; Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE); mosquito spraying in this town or that one……..You can’t watch, listen or read the news without hearing about these vector (mosquito or other insects) borne diseases.  When it comes to our dogs and cats do we need to worry? The term “worry” might be a bit strong but… Continue reading

Sooner or later all of us with pets will have to clean up an unfortunate mess.  According to pet health insurance company statistics, digestive  problems such as vomiting and diarrhea are two of the  most common reasons that pet owners present cats and dogs to the veterinarian.  While an occasional episode is not usually life… Continue reading

A few days ago we received a call from a client with a 6 month old mixed breed hound.  While vacationing on Cape Cod this weekend the pup began to limp on a rear leg after running through the sand.  No cry was heard,  no catastrophic event noted.  But there was no question that for… Continue reading